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2008-03-28 01:03:25 by WoodenSwordFighter



A bit late

2008-03-24 21:34:08 by WoodenSwordFighter

ok so its taking a bit longer than expected. i'm workin on it

First Movie Almost Finished

2008-03-12 19:12:53 by WoodenSwordFighter

HEY Newgrounders! If you are reading this then I applaude you because it means you actually want to read about me. (clap clap clap *insert enthusiasm here*) Anyway I will soon be posting my (long awaited?) Megaman X movie here. I plan for it to be a two (maybe three) part series based on the first Megaman X game. For those of you who dont know, X is not a future verision of the original Megaman. Nor is he a clone, reconstruction, upgraded or parallel version either. He is a totally different character who happens to be blue and exists a few hundred years in the future where original Megaman is never referenced. If you crave more info regarding this topic then please see Wikipedia, which has numerous articles about X, the Megaman X series and the rest of the Megaman Universe. Now that that's off my chest I'd like to wish you all a merry March 12th and I hope you're looking forward to my upcoming Megaman: The X Saga Part I which will be posted on either date subject to change or whenever. Until then, see ya in the portal.

~Wooden Sword

First Movie Almost Finished